Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Plume Geothermal - CPG™

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Plume Geothermal - CPG™

technology is the next generation of geothermal, lowering both the capital and operating cost for electricity production and expotentially increasing the geographic extent. This simultaneously allows power generators to lower their costs while meeting their customers’ and regulators’ demands for 24/7, emission free power.

CO2 provides several advantages over water as a geothermal working fluid.

First - CO2 used as a working fluid in the subsurface and in power systems provides higher energy conversion efficiencies than legacy systems.

Second - CO2 power systems are very compact, reducing costs substantially compared to legacy systems. These power systems can be containerized, built off-site at low cost, and moved as needed. Even more, CPG™ systems can reuse existing wells in hydrocarbon fields, decreasing costs and construction time while turning old oil and gas fields into renewable energy resources. geothermal systems.

Third - CO2 mobility (density divided by dynamic viscosity) is significantly greater than that of water. This makes for:
– Greater fluid flow and heat extraction from a reservoir.
– A thermosiphon, which can eliminate subsurface pumping requirements, improving efficiency.

Together, these benefits mean that, lower temperature and less permeable formations than are viable with water can be used, greatly increasing areas where geothermal energy can be economically harnessed.

Fourth - CO2 is a readily available, disposable commodity, which when injected into the subsurface reduces CO2 atmospheric emissions while preserving water resources.

Additionally - CPG™ provides a baseload or on-demand renewable electricity source. CPG™ systems can also be designed to provide small or grid-scale energy storage.


CPG™ could meet 50+%
of the U.S. power demand

•Uses CO2, not water
TerraCOH Breaks geologic limitations of legacy geothermal power production by 45+% in North America
•Baseload (24/7) power
•Emission-free power
•Lowest cost of electrical production
•Taps into Oil and Gas Industry; no drilling, lowering capital requirements

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Plume Geothermal - CPG™

Geothermal Power is the only Baseload (24/7) alternative energy, and CPG™ takes it to the next level - with lower operating costs and an expanded geologic advantage.

Size does matter!

filler image

Steam -VS- sCO2

Another advantage for using CO2 as a working fluid is the size of the turbine.

Currently the standard Steam turbines used are 20 meters large producing 300 MWe. For the same 300 MWe output a sCO2 turbine is as small as 1 meter in size.

A 20 to 1 ratio!

filler image 40' X 8' X 9'

The size of the whole CPG™ unit is housed within a single shipping container. Making the enviromental footprint significantly smaller. As seen in the comparison image between a Legacy Power Plant and CPG™ Containers.


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